We offer only the finest quality, freshest fruit and produce items. Our buyers continually scour the world to locate product that not only meets our demanding quality standards, but also is the most cost competitive, thus providing our customers unsurpassed value. If your needs should include an item that is not present in our current extensive menu of products, please let us know, we will do our best to effectively source the item to meet your needs. Partner with G. Cefalu & Bro. and you will come to have the utmost confidence in our ability to meet your expectations.

Need special packaging? Let us know. We are willing to go the extra yard to assure customer satisfaction again and again.

Fresh Cuts

Our Staff take great pride in giving you only the freshest chef cuts from premium sources. We are proud of our employees and their commitment to excellence. There is nowhere where this commitment is more evident than in our cutting room.


We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to provide you with the freshest and most Eco- friendly manner of produce distribution. We are researching new and innovative ways to reduce and reuse energy within our factory and trucking fleet. Our goal is to leave this world better than we found it.

Product Recognition

You will recognize the names on our products. These are companies you grew up with and they have history.
We have developed a great relationship with our sellers so much so that they entrust only the best product to us.


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