Cefalu is dedicated to Technology.  Please read below to discover just some of the things we are doing daily to make your buying experience exceptional from the time you order to the time you take delivery.

Real-Time Geo-Tracking

Real-time GPS tracking technology allows our company to monitor and locate our drivers and respond to the needs of our customers quickly.  Our customer care staff is able to pinpoint the location of any truck with a few clicks of a mouse and respond to delivery status inquiries quickly and accurately.

Automated Route Planning

Intelligent routing software allows our routers to carefully plan routes to accurately target required delivery windows while maintaining maximum efficiency on the road.  This technology also allows us to track augment or split routes when necessary.

Tomato Sorting Machine

Our Magneview Tomato Sorting Machine sorts tomatoes to exact color and size specifications by taking six high-definition photos of each tomato to create a 3D rendering.  With this new technology, we are able to custom-pack 560 cases per hour for our customers in an efficient manner.

ERP System

Our ERP system allows us to make informed, data-driven decisions, strengthen internal and external connections, deliver on shorter production and supply schedules and gain business efficiency and cost savings.

Online Ordering

Order online instantly at your convenience using our online ordering system.  Our Quick Order Form allows you to easily and efficiently place orders from anywhere, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Set up an account with us today and enjoy the ability to plan the upcoming business days your way.


Our secure facility requires encoded passes for each and every employee to access our warehouses and offices. Security cameras maintain the safety of all of our employees and guests that enter any part of the building 24/7.

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