The Company was founded as a produce supplier by Giovanni Cefalu and his brother Fillipo in the basement of their home in 1904. Over the years the product offering was predominantly tomatoes as the Company operated from several locations in downtown Baltimore. In the mid-1970s Cefalu moved operations to the new Wholesale Food Market located in Jessup, Maryland, while the product offering continued to focus on tomatoes. In the late 1990s the Company began to diversify into a wider product offering, eventually supplying produce customers a very comprehensive line of fresh vegetables and fruit.

This broader product line initiated a sales growth trend that by the early 2000s rendered the Wholesale Food Market facilities too small. Thus in 2004 the Company acquired a 50,000 square foot warehouse facility in proximity to the Wholesale Food Market at 8005 Rappahannock Avenue. Initially this facility was too large and as such a fair portion of the warehouse was leased to unrelated entities. However the growth trajectory continued and within 10 years the Company had once again expanded to a point necessitating a larger facility.

In November of 2015 the Company finalized an agreement to lease 160,000 square feet of leading edge warehouse space on Assateague Avenue, once again proximate to the Wholesale Food Market. This facility will allow the Company to provide unparalleled service to customers and maintain a position as the go to produce company in the Baltimore, District of Columbia and Virginia regions.

Over One Hundred Years of Tradition

Founded in 1904, G Cefalu & Bro. has evolved from humble family beginnings to become a preeminent produce distributor of the highest quality fresh fruits and vegetables in the Mid-Atlantic region. Sourcing products from virtually around the world, Cefalu stocks a comprehensive line of produce products in a state of the art warehouse facility located in Jessup, Maryland to strategically serve the District of Columbia, Baltimore and Virginia markets. Cefalu supplies produce to a diverse customer base, including national, regional and local organizations, making daily deliveries with its own dedicated fleet of delivery vehicles and staff.

In spite of significant growth, Cefalu continues to embrace its heritage by espousing family values in all relationships with business partners and employees. While Cefalu does sell a product, at its heart it is really a service organization, and brings these family values to the benefit of our customers. Become a business partner and experience the difference traditional values bring.

The Cefalu Legacy

Our Company brings a rich, multigenerational heritage of over 100 years’ experience in the fresh produce industry to the benefit of each and every customer relationship.  The third and fourth generations of the Cefalu family remain actively involved in the daily operations.

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